Marv Carey Auto
"Northeast PA's Best Source For Affordable Cars and Rebuildables"
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After seeing our price list, you may be asking yourself: "How can they sell cars for such low prices?". Our process is simple:
Step 1: We start by buying lightly-damaged late model vehicles at insurance auctions all over the East Coast. We buy only vehicles that are easily repaired (those with no flood, electrical or major frame damage).
Step 2: We then buy similar cars to use for parts. This way, we can replace any damaged parts with original manufacturer's parts, rather than cheap after-market parts (like most auto-repair shops).  It is often less expensive for us to buy an entire damaged car to use for parts than it is to buy the replacement parts from a retail dealer or parts supplier. We install these parts and re-paint the car at our 60,000 sq. ft. body shop in Hanover Township.
Step 3:The result is a car that has been purchased and repaired for a relatively low price. We pass the savings from our unique approach on to you--so most of our cars are priced 20 to 30% under the Kelley Blue Book Value.
1. Slightly-Damaged Car               +        2. Parts From Similar Car    =               3. Low Priced Finished Car