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1997 Buick Park Avenue. 53,000 Miles, Loaded. Car hit a deer and has front end damage and a dented roof. This car is very clean and very rebuildable. Kelley Blue Book for this car is $16,900. Your price is $5500
1959 Mercedes 190SL Roadster. This car has fresh paint on a professionally restored body. There was no accident damage and the car has the original engine with 95,000 miles. Perfect project car for someone who wants to complete the interior. We have all parts. This car will be worth $25000 when completed. Your price: $13000.
1994 Geo Prizm. This very clean car has only 43K miles. It ran over a curb and has slight damage on the left rocker. Front suspension and both wheels will need to be replaced. We have all the parts you need to repair this car. $1550.
In addition to the completed cars that we have on our car lot, we also have nearly 500 other "project" cars or rebuildables for sale. You can click on the link above to see a partial inventory list. We have a large number of VW beetle, VW golf, VW Jetta, Geo Prizm, Buick LeSabres and Hondas in stock. In many cases, you can buy two complete cars to have all of the parts to perform the repairs yourself, for a fraction of what you'd pay for the complete car. Call us today to see what we can do for you.